I am Taking over the Internet Like a Kitten Picture


This is an adoptable kitten available through the Tallahassee Animal Shelter. His name is Bart, and his animal ID is A162958. E-mail fosterpets@talgov.com if you’re interested in taking this literary kitty home!

All right, maybe not, but I’ve got pages up on more sites than ever before to make it easier to find my work and see what I’m up to. Today, I added a bit more information to my Amazon author page. You can now read a short bio there and see the anthologies I’ve been featured in. Ditto for my Goodreads page, which shows the books I’ve been featured in and their ratings, plus all the ratings for the books I’ve read.

I’m also active on tumblr, where I post artwork that inspires me and my favorite book quotes, and of course, I’m always on Twitter. Like Visa, I’m everywhere you want to be, so pop by one of my pages and say hello!


About amandakespohl

Daydreamer. Fantasy writer. Care Bear filled with razors. Oh, and I'm a lawyer.
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