“Jenny Redcape” is here.

The day has finally arrived for “Jenny Redcape” to be released into the world! Check out the description of the below and if it sounds like your cup of tea, score your copy by clicking this link.

Humans used to whisper her legend from shore to shore, telling tales of Jenny Redcape being summoned by a dying breath to avenge the innocent. How she had the strength of five men, could smell a hare in a burrow miles away, and could see a tick on a dog’s back from the top of a mountain. Legend had it that the blood magic in her cape never failed to find a sinner, and her wicked knives always drank deeply at the end of a hunt.

Then a plague of monsters ripped across the world, leaving few survivors, and fewer still who remembered her story. She began to wonder what happened to beings like her that existed to be conjured when no one knew to conjure them anymore.

One day, Narina Al-Akram whispers Jenny’s name with her dying breath. Once again, Jenny sets off through the monster-filled forest, hunting the man who took Narina’s life. Only one thing stands in her way: Jasrah Al-Akram. She knows who and what Jenny is, and she’s not letting Jenny go after her sister’s killer alone.

Together, they will face unimaginable danger. The journey will make Jenny wonder if an immortal huntress needs must hunt alone. And Jasrah will learn that behind every legend lies an untold story—sometimes, a tragedy.

As I’ve mentioned before, this story was inspired by the idea of an adult Red Riding Hood-type with blood magic akin to that of a redcap. Throw in a beastie that is a mix of Florida wildlife and Norse mythology and you have quite the smorgasbord of influences. I introduced these influences into a postapocalyptic fantasy world with a more optimistic outlook than most. The environment is dark, but when it is darkest, beacons of hope shine all the brighter.

I hope you enjoy it. If you do give it a read, please consider reviewing on Amazon or Goodreads. Because if you don’t, you make Picard get all…




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Daydreamer. Fantasy writer. Care Bear filled with razors. Oh, and I'm a lawyer.
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