So You’re Friends with a Writer…

We’ve all dreamed big at one point in our lives. When I was a kid, I used to want to be a fairy. That didn’t work out for me. Apparently, no matter how good your resume is, the Seelie Court is not accepting applications. My backup dream–fantasy writer–seemed like an equally long shot. But because it did, I’ve always tried my hardest to support those pals of mine pursuing those pie-in-the-sky, many-will-try-and-few-will-succeed careers, especially in the arts. Only, sometimes, I didn’t quite know how, aside from cheering them on vigorously from the sidelines. And that does seem to help.

Nowadays, I’m the one chasing that J.K. Rowling money, knowing full well I’ll likely fall FAAAAAAAAAAR short, but…


So if you’re a friend, family member, or fan who is wondering what you  can do to help me out, I’ve got a few suggestions!

(1) Like my Facebook page. All you have to do is click the blue text at the beginning of this sentence, and when the page comes up, there will be a “like” button just under my banner. Liking my Facebook page makes it look more attractive to other people who happen across it. It also makes it so that you see the updates I post there, so you’ll know when I have a book coming out. You can choose not to get notifications from the page, of course, and I won’t inundate your feed with advertisements. On a typical day, I have 1-2 posts a day. On a release day, there might be more, but I promise, I won’t bury you. And you can always click my post and ask to see less from me while still following me. But I hope you won’t do that.

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If you’re a Twitter dweller, you can find me there, too, at @amandakespohl. If you want to Tumblr for me (catch the 80s pop music reference?), I’m also there: Do you Instagram? Well, I do, too! You don’t need to like or follow me all across social media. The point is, I’m EVERYWHERE, and if you’re interested in boosting my signal, it’s somewhere out there for you to boost.

And speaking of boosting…

(2) You could also like and/or share my content. If you see me post something you think your social media followers might be into, you can retweet it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or reblog it on Tumblr. You can also like it on any of those platforms, as well as on Instagram. It all helps me get the word out about what I’m up to. Additionally, I’ve got a few promotional images at the bottom of this post that you can share if you want to help spread the word about “Jenny Redcape.” Include a link and VOILA! Word of mouth!

giphy (4)

(3) Buy my books. I mean, if you can, and if you wanna. I’m not going to stand there with a gun to your hamster’s head, saying, “I don’t care if you like the genre, I don’t care if it’s your kind of writing, and don’t even start with your limited book budget. CLICK THE ‘BUY’ BUTTON NOW OR THE HAMSTER GETS IT!” But if it interests you and you have, oh, say, ninety-nine pennies to throw around for a copy of “Jenny Redcape,” well then, that is always gonna be very helpful and much appreciated.



(4) If you do buy a copy and read it, consider leaving a review. Writing a review is like hugging an author with your words. You can leave one on Amazon or Goodreads. I’m also looking into getting on LibraryThing. Even if you didn’t love my book, a review boosts my visibility, and honest feedback helps me do better in subsequent books. Tell it like it is, sister. (Or brother.) I won’t fault you for it. But I hope you love it!

Some of you out there have already done these things. Trust me, I see you. Every time I notice someone reviewing my book or liking/sharing my posts, or, GOD BLESS YOU, buying my book, my heart grows three sizes like the Grinch. Only, it was pretty normal-sized to begin with, so I guess it’ll eventually explode. But what a way to go…


Okay, so I took that metaphor too far.

Anyway, that’s a long-winded way of saying thank you. I actually don’t have the words to express what your support means to me. The fact that I ranked in the top ten on an Amazon list on my release day for “Jenny Redcape” is beyond wonderful to me. It makes me think that maybe I’ve got a better shot at this dream than I expected. Or better friends than could’ve ever imagined. Either way, I’m grateful.

giphy (6)




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Daydreamer. Fantasy writer. Care Bear filled with razors. Oh, and I'm a lawyer.
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