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A Menu of Tales

Every writer I’ve ever read has works that can be grouped across a certain spectrum. For instance, Neil Gaiman has a spectrum that runs from stories that are more grounded in reality to those of a more fantastical nature. While … Continue reading

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The Unusual Suspects 3- The Midgard Serpent

Welcome back to my blog series about the three prominent dragons of Norse mythology. If you’ll recall, we started with Nidhogg, the corpse-eating dragon of the underworld, and continued on to Fafnir, the dwarf-turned-dragon who died protecting his cursed gold. … Continue reading

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The Unusual Suspects 2– Fafnir

On July 27, 2017, we began our tour through a trinity of prominent Norse dragons with Nidhogg, the corpse-eating serpent of Niflheim. Turning to the second in the series, we’ll emerge from the misty underworld and travel to Nidavellir (sometimes … Continue reading

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All The News That’s Fit to Print

Life got a bit hectic for a while, hence the radio silence across my social media platforms. I caught an unfortunate malady, which drove me to seek care at an urgent care clinic. That visit went something like this. The … Continue reading

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